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Jeremy Glick - Hero Of Flight 93

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Jeremy Glick - Hero Of Flight 93Sales manager, Vividence, Inc., 31, Hewitt, N.J.; wife, Lyzbeth; daughter, Emerson, 3 months. He was on a business trip to California.

Nagayasu Ogasawara's jaw dropped when he saw Jeremy Glick at the 1993 national collegiate judo championships in San Francisco. Ogasawara was coaching Army's team; Glick, a college senior, was at the tournament alone, competing independently.

"He had no team. He had no coach," said Ogasawara, who had taught Glick judo from the age of 7 until he left for college. "So I said, 'OK, I'll coach you.' "

Glick went on to win the title.

There was another reason Glick made that 1993 trip: Lyzbeth Makely. The two had grown up together near Upper Saddle River, N.J. Glick was the third of six children, all of whose names began with "J."

Though Makely described Glick as "a goofy kid with an Afro," they had been named their high school's prom king and queen. They'd gone to different colleges and Makely was living in San Francisco at the time of the judo championships.

"He always said he worked very hard to make nationals so he could get a free trip to see me," she said.

They married in 1996. Glick was a leading sales rep with Giga Information Group, but in 2000 joined Vividence, an Internet service provider of products about the behavior, thoughts and attitudes of Web customers.

The couple settled into life in Hewitt, N.J., and while Glick often told his wife that he could have waited a few more years to become a parent, once their daughter, Emerson, was born in June he wanted nothing more than to spend time with her.

Their daughter was born premature, and Glick went on all the trips to the doctor. She required hourly feeding, and while the couple often took turns, sometimes Glick would stay up all night so his wife could sleep.

This summer, she said, Glick would "come home from work and say, 'Can I have the baby now?' He was jealous that I had the baby all day."

Nor did he shy away from diaper duty, although Lyz said he often would end up being with the baby for 30 minutes, and then yell for her to come in to see Emerson smile.

Lyz has received more than 1,000 letters since Sept. 11. She's saving them so Emerson will know what her father did that day.

"At least she will know that the reason he did that is that he wanted to come home to her."

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