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National Flight 93 Logo Flight 93 Memorial, Union City, California Flight 93 Flag
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Ride With The 40 Visiting The Flight 93 Memorial In Union City, CA. 10 Sept. 2009

Ride With the 40 Bikers and family arriving at the Flight 93 Memorial

Ride With the 40 Bikers preparing to visit the Memorial

Ride With The 40 members at the Flight 93 Memorial, Union City, CA.

Michael L. Emerson and Ken Nacke with
Joey Nacke's memorial stone

Ken Nacke reflected in his brother
Joey's memorial stone

Michael L. Emerson and Erich Bay with Lorraine Bay's memorial stone

Erich Bay reflected in his wife
Lorraine's memorial stone

Dinner with The Ride With The 40 Bikers
at TGIFridays, Union City, CA
Flight 93 Memorial, Union City, Ca
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