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Shanksville, PA. September 11, 2010

1-Michael L. Emerson & Mary Greenlee at the Flight 93 crash site western overlook-10Sept201.JPG

2-Western overlook of the future Flight 93 Memorial site in Shanksville, PA-11Sept2010.JPG

3-Western overlook of the Flight 93 Crash site in Shanksville, PA-11Sept2010.JPG

4-The Flight 93 crash & Memorial site in Shanksville, PA-11Sept2010.JPG

5-DetroitHank, Michael, Char, & Arnie at the Flight 93 temp Memorial site.JPG

6-Michael&Mary at the Flight 93 Temp Memorial site for the 11 Sept 2010 events.JPG

7-Michael L. Emerson at the Flight 93 Memorial crash site-11Sept 2010.JPG

8-Mary&Michael before the Flight 93 Memorial ceremonies-11Sept 2010.JPG

9-Laura Bush & Michelle Obama at the Flight 93 Memorial ceremonies-11Sept2010.JPG

10-National Park Superintendent Joanne Hanley speaking-11Sept2010.JPG

11-Paul Britton, Marion Britton's brother speaking-11Sept2010.JPG

12-PA Governor Rundell speaking, Shanksville, PA-11Sept2010.JPG

13-Jerry Bingham, Mark Bingham's father reading Heroes names-11Sept2010.JPG

14-Gordie Felt, Edward Felt's brother speaking-11Sept2010.JPG

15-Laura Bush speaking at the 11 Sept 2010 Events in Shanksville, PA.JPG

16-Michele Obama speaking at the Flight 93 Memorial site-11Sept2010.JPG

17-Mary&Michael after the 11 Sept 2010 events at the Flight 93 crash site.JPG

18-Gene Stipl creator of the Flight 93 Flag with Michael-11Sept2010.jpg

19-Chairman Chris Sullivan, Michael L. Emerson & King Laughlin after the Flight 93 Memorial Ceremony-11Sept2010.
Flight 93 Memorial, Union City, Ca
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